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New Approach, New Roles: How Sales And Marketing Partner For Effective Social Selling

LinkedIn New Approach Ebk SHADOWStudies show that 73% of salespeople that use social selling outperform those that don’t, yet two-thirds of companies don’t have a social strategy for their sales team. So the question is, why don’t they? It takes a buy-in from sales, marketing and leadership to gear up social selling, but once they do, the returns are worth the efforts.

This e-book will show how social selling can help individual salespeople, sales leadership and marketing work together to see results through identifying, communicating and interacting with prospects to close more deals, including:

  • Tweaking salespeople’s social profiles to generate more business;
  • How boosting your Social Selling Index (SSI) can boost your personal success; and
  • Growing the pipeline while cutting cost per lead.

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