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The Playbook For Developing 3D Buyer Profiles

Today’s tools and technologies are positioned to provide marketers with an endless supply of buyer data right at their fingertips. But, none of that data is as insightful as information delivered directly from the buyer themselves.

Marketers must use a combination of demographic, behavioral and self- declared data to get a complete view of the buyer. This digital human-to-human connection better positions companies to cater experiences to target audiences and, ultimately, close deals. In these pages, this guide will uncover:

  • What self-declared data is and ways to obtain it;
  • How to use this data to correlate intent and optimize content for key audiences;
  • How a three-data view can fill gaps in the database, drive self-selected nurtures and warm up sales conversations;
  • Why webinars are key to generating self- declared data;
  • Best practices for extending engagement via Q&As, polls and widgets; and
  • Success stories of how companies, such as Genesys, Hortonworks and Sage Intacct, are collecting and leveraging self- declared insights to enhance customer and prospect experiences.

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