Fueling The B2B Pipeline For Longevity

We know that growing your pipeline is an essential part of your job — and Connected TV (CTV) can help. Not only is linear TV inaccessible to B2B advertisers, but TV ads haven’t been great at pushing people down the funnel. CTV has changed all that. Thanks to CTV, TV advertising can be used as a performance platform that drives lower-funnel results.

CTV is a powerful demand generation tool that works in conjunction with your other efforts to help fuel your pipeline. What makes CTV so powerful? A few reasons: High-impact, unskippable ads ensure your message gets heard in its entirety, while real-time measurement allows you to verify that your ads are doing exactly what you want them to do.

This white paper boils down to the top questions for anyone who has yet to take advantage of CTV. Get answers to questions like:

  • How can I grow my pipeline?
  • Is my B2B audience available on CTV?
  • What insights can I get from CTV?
  • How should I use CTV for my brand’s long-term growth?

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