How To Power Up Your First-Party Data Strategy

In a world where prospects worry about privacy and third-party cookies are gone, first-party intent data is a marketer’s new best friend — and it already exists in-house whether or not they’re collecting and utilizing it. First-party intent data highlights behavioral signals by focusing on the information captured from marketers’ own website and channels. When properly collected, stored and acted upon, it paves the way for smart, targeted and accurate marketing based on relationships and trust.

To remain competitive, marketers must now capture and activate first-party data in an entirely new way. However, research shows that while 86% of marketers recognize the importance of first-party data, more than one-third reported difficulty maintaining the quality and accuracy of it. To help organizations that haven’t fully powered up their first-party data strategies, this report will examine how to properly collect and harness first-party data to enable and inspire marketers’ actions and meet strategic business goals.

In this white paper, you’ll discover the primary elements behind transforming first-party data strategies, including:

  • The increased accuracy and reliability of first-party data;
  • How first-party data collection builds relationships while learning key insights into a prospects’ needs and challenges;
  • How to successfully incorporate a first-party data strategy into an organization’s overall go-to-market approach; and
  • Tips to implement the best methods of collecting first-party data.

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