Increased Tech Adoption & Data Reliance Re-Shaping 2024 Marketing Measurement & Attribution Processes

As marketing measurement and attribution techniques evolve into more data- and technology-driven processes, 38% of organizations are focused on improving their current strategies. According to the “2024 Marketing Measurement & Attribution Benchmark Survey,” 86% of B2B practitioners indicated that these processes are a growing priority for their respective businesses.

Throughout this special report, we’ll discuss the current landscape of marketing measurement and attribution, with a focus on:

  • The key channels and metrics businesses are tracking, with a focus on how sales and marketing are being measured;
  • Where ABM fits into overall strategies and how practitioners monitor it;
  • The ongoing battle in prioritizing brand or demand, with insights into maximizing both strategies;
  • How to track and connect activities across all stages of the buyer’s journey; and
  • A look into the future of measurement and attribution.


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