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Infographic: The Payoff Of Lead Grading And Scoring

It is hard for busy B2B marketers to make time for lead grading and scoring efforts, but the payoff is worthwhile, according to this infographic from Pardot. This infographic also outlines the difference between grading and scoring prospects.

Infographic: Few Tracking Sales To Social Media

Only 3% of companies can track social media to sales, according to the Ragan/NASDAQ OMX Corporate Solutions survey, highlighted in this infographic developed by Go-Gulf. Most (82%) of companies have fewer than three people on their social media team.

Infographic: B2B Social Media Strategies Still Evolving

While B2B social media is maturing, this  State of the B2B Social Media infographic from B2B Marketing indicates that B2B marketers still have a way to go in honing their social network tactics. Almost one third (61%) described their social media strategy as “ad-hoc.” Twitter was the most popular channel…

Infographic: Sorting Out Social Media Metrics

Only 24% of companies that are monitoring their social media accounts said they were monitoring the ROI of social campaigns, according to this infographic from Infosys.  Are you monitoring what matters?

Infographic: What Does A Lead Cost?

While a shotgun approach such as direct mail or a webinar can hit more targets and generate more initial responses, a multi-touch outbound prospect development campaign can yield more qualified leads at a lower cost per lead, as this infographic from PointClear illustrates.

Infographic: How Scientific Attribution Modeling Works

You roll out your new digital marketing campaign and sales can go one of three ways: increase, decrease or stay the same. What factors can you attribute to this? This infographic from BKV, a direct and digital marketing company, compares the traditional ways of attributing value to the scientific method.

Infographic: How To Rock Social Media In 30 Minutes A Day

With the quickly changing social media landscape, B2B marketers find it hard to determine how much time to dedicate to each channel. This infographic from Pardot provides a minute-by-minute plan to tackling social media in just a half an hour a day.

Infographic: Inside Online Video Marketing

  Video holds the attention of users for longer and is more memorable than text-based content, according to this infographic from Bubobox, an online video marketing company. Customers who view a video on a web site are 64% more likely to make a purchase, boosting the return on the investment.