Intent Data: It’s Becoming A Key Ingredient For Revenue Growth

The increased utilization of intent data among B2B organizations has already been well documented in research reports and case studies. However, while deployments are expanding, many B2B orgs view intent data solely as a source to flag companies that may be in research mode for immediate marketing or sales outreach.

However, a new study from Demand Gen Report has uncovered that intent is actually already seen as a key pipeline accelerator — particularly for companies in “high-growth” mode. Plus, use cases for intent data are rapidly expanding within sales and marketing organizations.

The survey shows that an increasing majority of revenue teams are employing intent data across demand generation, account-based marketing (ABM), digital marketing, sales operations and customer experience.

This report provides a deeper look into the findings, including:

  • How companies are currently deploying intent data across marketing and sales;
  • The growing alignment between intent data and ABM strategies;
  • An analysis of the types and sources of intent data that companies are using;
  • The business objectives companies are looking to address with intent data;
  • The specific points in the pipeline where intent data is having the greatest impact on conversions, and
  • How businesses are using intent data to increase revenue and relevance with existing customers, as well as prospects.

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