Making Marketing Data Actionable: 4 Ways Analytics Track and Build Better Engagement


Most companies estimate they’re analyzing just a fraction (12%) of the data they’re collecting, according to a recent study by Forrester Research. Marketers could be missing out on data-driven insights hidden inside the 88% of data to drive better engagement.

In this webinar, Mike Tomita, Sr. Marketing Manager at Marketo, and Andrew Gaffney, editor of Demand Gen Report, will drive the conversation about the steps needed to make data actionable to drive interactions that result in more wins.

Topics of discussion will include:

  • Using data to enables marketers to present the right content and tools to boost engagement;
  • How data enables marketers to cluster different customer types into specific segments for targeted marketing. For each segment, marketers can then analyze which products, services, messages and offers will be most engaging for that group of prospects;
  • Understanding the channels by which customers engaging helps to target the messages for the platform where customers are most likely to respond;
  • Using analytics to identify the gaps between customer needs and the company’s delivery of the tools they need. Identifying and filling the needs of current customers improves retention and engagement.


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