Marketing Data Management 101

How To Cleanse, Build, And Refine Your MarTech Database

You are a data-driven marketer. Your company has invested in advanced Marketing Technologies (MarTech) such as Marketing Automation Platforms (MAP), predictive lead scoring, account based marketing and content personalization. Unfortunately, you notice that none of these MarTech solutions work very well with your poor quality data. To realize the return on investment for these MarTech solutions and to excel as a data-driven marketer, you need to clean your data and customize it.

This E-book outlines how to build and refine your MarTech databases so they can best support your evolving business needs, including:

  • How to go beyond lead data to make your database span the entire sales funnel;
  • Nine steps for understanding marketing data’s hierarchy of needs; and
  • How data-driven marketers can get the most of their MarTech solutions with the right data.

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