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B2B Marketers Leverage SEO Insights To Enhance Full-Funnel Engagement

Shadow DGR DG0023 SR SEO June 2015

SEO has historically been used by B2B marketers to drive awareness at the top of the funnel as buyers turn to the web for their initial research. Forward-thinking B2B marketers are now leveraging SEO at every stage of the buying funnel for more targeted and personalized messaging.

Research from Conductor shows that 82% of web traffic comes from unpaid channels, including organic search, referrals and social media. By comparison, paid search and display advertising account for just 6% of web traffic.

"Marketers are now embracing the concept of using SEO to engage, converse with and educate buyers and clients throughout the buying journey," said Seth Dotterer, VP of Marketing for Conductor.

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