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What’s Next In Modern Marketing?

10 Industry Experts Sound Off On The Trends, Tactics & Tech Revolutionizing The Future Of B2B

In an era of constant change and disruption, B2B marketing teams must learn to adapt and grow at a quick pace. Traditional, cold marketing tactics simply won't cut through the noise anymore, especially as B2B buyers continue to be influenced by the personalized experiences they have grown accustomed to as consumers.

To get an insider view of how B2B marketers must reinvent their strategies for modern times, Demand Gen Report interviewed 10 industry experts about what modern marketing means to them and the tools and tactics marketing teams need to focus on for the future.In the following pages, you'll hear from:

  • Michael Brenner, Marketing Insider Group
  • Heidi Bullock, Engagio
  • Kevin Joyce, The Pedowitz Group
  • BrianKardon, Fuze
  • Michelle Killebrew, PwC
  • Leela Srinivasan, SurveyMonkey
  • Karen Steele, LeanData
  • John Steinert, TechTarget
  • SangramVajre, Terminus
  • Scott Vaughan, Integrate

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B2B Buyers Demand Authentic, Consistent Investments In Philanthropy From Brands

The B2B buyer’s checklist continues to grow and nearly one-third (31%) of buyers say the length of their purchase cycle significantly increased in 2018, according to Demand Gen Report research. In addition to considering deployment time (77%), features/functionality (72%), pricing (71%) and peer reviews (65%), B2B buyers are adding new criteria to the list: brand values and philanthropy.

B2B Marketers Look To Modernize Webinar Experiences By Promoting Two-Way Engagement

Webinars continue to be a staple in many B2B demand gen strategies, with studies show that webinars are one of the most useful content formats for generating positive engagement with prospective customers. Findings from Demand Gen Report’s annual Content Preferences Survey show that close to half (47%) of respondents find webinars valuable at the early and mid-stage of their buying process. Also, close to two-thirds (64%) of B2B buyers are willing to spend 20 to 60 minutes watching a webinar — more than any other content format.

TOPO CEO Spotlights CX, Brand Power, Data & People At Summit 2019

TOPO’s annual Summit brought hundreds of sales and marketing professionals to San Francisco’s Pier 27 for two days of learning around topics such as marketing ops and tech, sales development and effectiveness, as well as account-based marketing and sales ops and tech. TOPO analysts and practitioners from companies such as Cloudera, ServiceNow, Zoom and more took the stage on April 17-18 to share their insights into the latest trends and best practices fueling modern B2B marketing and sales practices.

The 3 Key Decisions To Webcast Series Success

WebinerdWebcast series have become popular in the marketplace, aiming to provide a “binge-worthy” content option for target audiences while offering a different format that is more engaging and valuable. We here at Demand Gen Report, as well as all our brands under the G3 Communications umbrella, believe that the key to a successful webcast series lies in first defining production and promotion processes that are scalable, repeatable and flexible.

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What’s Working In Demand Generation In 2019?

Fearless Marketers Rethink Traditional Channels, Test New Tactics To Boost Buyer Interest

As buyers grow more selective with their content consumption and time, generating and maintaining demand is becoming a more elusive task for B2B brands. But fearless marketers are plowing ahead, experimenting with different channels and investing in demand generation to kickstart conversations with potential customers.

This special report will explore what's working in demand generation and spotlight success stories from companies such as Radius, Bottomline Technologies, SAP Concur and more.

Download the report to learn about:

  • The growing role of ABM in demand generation;
  • The reemergence of direct mail as a top-tier strategy;
  • How marketers are refreshing webinars with new approaches, such as panels and interactivity;
  • How influencers can extend content reach and credibility; and
  • Why more B2B companies are turning to review sites in their demand gen process.

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2019 Content Preferences Survey Report

Growing Demand For Credible And Concise Content Reinforces Need For Research And Relevancy In B2B Messaging

As B2B buyers continue to make purchase decisions by doing their own research before speaking to a sales rep, they are becoming even more precise with their content preferences, placing a higher emphasis on content backed by supporting data, industry influencers and experts.

Time is also playing a large factor in their journeys, as 73% of respondents to Demand Gen Report's 2019 Content Preferences Survey say they have less time to devote to reading and research and typically consume between three and seven pieces of content before speaking with a salesperson. This, in turn, means vendors must share the right offers at the right time and deliver it in a way that is easily digestible and trustworthy.

Additional highlights from the 2019 survey, which polled more than 200 senior-level B2B marketing representatives across multiple verticals, include:

  • A majority of respondents (41%) consume three to five pieces of content before engaging with a sales rep;
  • 68% of respondents said they want to see B2B vendors organize content by issue/pain point;
  • Case studies (47%) and webinars (39%) are the top-two types of most valuable influencer content formats;
  • 92% of respondents give most credence to peer reviews/user-generated feedback; and
  • More than half (63%) of respondents say they are willing to share information to access webinars, with white papers trailing closely behind at 49%.

The following report dives deep into the channels, formats and preferences for B2B buyers in terms of the content they consume for business purchases. The research also shares insights into the types of content preferred in the early, middle and later stages of their journey, as well as their recommendations for improving the quality of content created/provided by B2B vendors.


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