RevOps Reality Check

In a few short years, revenue operations (RevOps) has transformed from an industry buzzword into a business imperative. B2B teams are waking up to the reality that a siloed approach is no longer sustainable. Today’s buyers expect—and demand—a seamless experience at every stage of their journey, which requires complete alignment between the marketing, sales, and customer success teams.

A proper RevOps function will unite these disparate departments into a single unit with common goals, metrics and processes. Doing so can not only enhance the buyer experience, but also break down data silos, remove organizational inefficiencies and drive growth. But a successful RevOps engine is only as good as the people, processes, data and technology behind it.

The majority of B2B teams are still struggling to align their departments and create an efficient pipeline, as more than half (58%) are not at all or only somewhat confident in their organization’s ability to accurately deliver an inbound lead from a marketing program to the right salesperson.

This survey report examines the growing discipline of RevOps and the strategies needed to build a cohesive, data-driven RevOps team that is sure to succeed. Topics covered include:

  • The importance of maintaining an accurate, robust database;
  • Why data cleansing is the cornerstone of cross-functional alignment;
  • The effects of poor data and process inefficiencies on lead routing and scoring;
  • Top challenges preventing teams from excelling at ABM; and
  • The value of investing in a well-structured RevOps team to align departments and fuel growth.

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