Secrets Of The Modern Marketing Department: Same Rules, New Tools

How Progressive Companies Are Transforming Marketing By Graduating From Spreadsheets and Manual Reports to Improve Collaboration, Visibility and Speed To Market 

The proliferation of digital channels has significantly changed the marketing landscape. Marketers are now charged with managing traditional phases of budget and program development across as many as 50 channels. At the same time, marketing is typically being asked to play a larger role in sales enablement and revenue generation, as the path to connect with prospects and customers is often being rerouted. Despite the growing list of tasks and connection points both internally and externally, the reality is most marketers are being asked to deliver on these higher expectations with the same amount of resources they had four or five years ago. Download this E-book to learn how marketers are employing new rules and the same tools to create a two-way dialogue with prospects across all channels.

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