State Of Audio/Video Marketing: Strategizing, Repurposing & Personalizing Immersive Content To Stand Out In An Oversaturated Landscape

Video and audio content have both benefited the marketing industry in countless ways. Instead of consumers staring at a dull landing page, sound and visuals paved the way for the future of marketing, creating engaging experiences that tap into buyers’ senses to create a deeper emotional understanding of the information at hand.

Demand Gen Report’s “2021 Channel/Partner Marketing Benchmark Survey” showed that more than 53% of marketers use video content to engage buyers and partners across various channels. As buyers continue to get flooded with too much content, video and audio assets — when done right — can help organizations stand out from the oversaturated landscape to close deals faster. The key is to make it authentic and valuable.

This report will highlight the latest trends in video/audio marketing and the steps marketers are taking to enhance their current strategies, including:

  • How to repurpose video/audio content to grow brands;
  • The different channels marketers are using to orchestrate video/audio marketing strategies;
  • How to leverage video/audio content for sales engagements;
  • The benefits video and audio content have over static competitors;
  • Why personalized content makes all the difference; and
  • Use case examples of video/audio content done right.

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