State Of B2B Full-Funnel Measurement

Key Strategies For A Revenue-Focused Approach To Measuring Engagement Across The Buyer Journey

B2B marketers are increasingly expected to prove the impact of their initiatives. And that impact is rapidly being judged not only in the number of leads or click-throughs, but through engagement and real-world revenue. To address this reality, industry experts state that marketing teams at leading B2B companies are shifting their measurement approach to focus more specifically on factors such as channel influence, buying stage and specific account activity.

This special report will take an analytical look at how B2B organizations are moving towards enhancing their funnel measurement capabilities, including:

  • How funnel-focused metrics are enabling marketers to effectively tie buyer engagement and specific campaigns to earned revenue;
  • The current gaps and hurdles marketers must overcome to achieve full-funnel measurement;
  • Sophisticated new strategies and tools for gaining a holistic view of a company’s sales funnel; and
  • How early adopters such as MongoDB have developed capabilities to measure ROI across all channels.

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