State Of Intent/Signal Data: Marketers Integrating Third-Party Data To Increase Relevance & Personalization While Meeting Privacy Demands

Intent and signal data are nearly synonymous with B2B marketing, serving as the fuel to power hyper-personalized, highly targeted campaigns. These data sources are crucial in de-anonymizing stealth buyers, who prefer to research solutions and platforms independently before reaching out to a sales rep.

To that end, almost a third of marketers plan to invest in intent data throughout the year and an additional 40% hope to collect data on prospective buyer behavior to boost engagement and messaging. But with the growth of buying committees, prospects prioritizing new channels and high rates of employee turnover, it’s becoming even more challenging for marketers to effectively use intent data to ensure they’re meeting targets where they are with the information they want.

This special report examines the current state of intent and signal data with a focus on:

  • The role intent signals play in guiding content and ABM strategies and identifying which assets/messaging would resonate best with each buyer/account;
  • The growing adoption of intent monitoring tools to identify buying or churn signals, as well as the tools practitioners are leveraging to uncover information about anonymous buyers;
  • The top tools, solutions and platforms practitioners are utilizing to streamline intent data collection and implementation.

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