State Of Intent/Signal Data: The Infusion Of AI & Internal Collaboration

Intent and signal data are nearly synonymous with B2B marketing, serving as the fuel to power hyper-personalized, highly targeted campaigns. These data sources are crucial in de-anonymizing stealth buyers, who prefer to research solutions and platforms independently before reaching out to a sales rep.

Factor in the impending privacy regulations that are set to change the way organizations can collect and leverage intent/signal data, it’s clear practitioners must refine their data collection and usage processes. Throughout this special report, we’ll examine the current state of intent and signal data with a focus on:

  • How intent data can help marketers accomplish more with less;
  • Tips for developing an effective intent data strategy and getting buy-in from sales teams;
  • The value that intent signals can deliver beyond marketing and sales functions;
  • The key intent data tools, solutions and platforms B2B marketers rely on most; and
  • How impending privacy regulations will affect the way B2B organizations gather and use intent data.


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