State Of RevOps: Unleashing The Potential Of Unifying Multiple Teams Through People, Data & Technology

As companies reflect on the challenges behind them and how to position themselves for the future, RevOps is still paving the path forward. Leaders have found themselves focused on sales, marketing and customer experience (CX) as different parts of their go-to-market (GTM) strategy, but formulating a cohesive strategy amongst these teams has proven to increase collaboration, revenue and overall alignment.

Research shows 21% of companies have seen increases in alignment and productivity across GTM teams after adopting a RevOps function, while organizations with tighter alignment of go-to-market teams saw a 100%-200% increase in ROI for their digital marketing initiatives.

Throughout this report, we’ll discuss the state of and showcase the latest trends in RevOps, as well as the successful strategies and priorities practitioners have implemented throughout 2022. Topics of discussion will include:

  • The rise of RevOps jobs and their influence on marketing strategies;
  • The new technologies practitioners are implementing to aid RevOps efforts;
  • How RevOps tightens the lens on valuable customer insights through all stages of the buyer’s journey; and
  • Why organizations should rely less on historical data and more on scaling success based on external factors.

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