State of Sales Technology: B2B Organizations Leverage Integrated Tools, Take Holistic Approach To Engage Buyers In Hybrid Settings

While sales technology has been an essential component of the modern sales team for decades, the past two years have seen a notable evolution in the role of technology in the selling process. According to data from Demand Gen Report, just over half (51%) of companies implemented new sales technologies to keep up with buyer demands.

The rising dependence on sales technology became particularly evident as sales teams transitioned from in-person sales to completely remote to hybrid work over the course of the pandemic. Sales leaders had to equip their staff with tools that could perform in any environment, with all the functionality and security they would get working from the office.

The reliance on sales tools to drive revenue is only expected to grow, according to experts interviewed for this report.

Sales engagement will remain a critical part of sales as teams adapt to a changing business landscape, and organizations must learn how to maximize the use of tools currently in place. To help companies understand how to make better use of marketers’ time and improve underleveraged solutions, this special report will uncover strategies to improve adoption and maximize the impact of the sales stack while containing costs.


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