The 2017 State Of Database Quality

Data is central to all aspects of demand generation and performance marketing. Sitting at the crosshairs between all marketing and sales engagement, accurate and detailed data on customers and prospects is critical to reaching targeted buyers, as well as tracking the effectiveness of campaigns and sharing insights and buying behaviors across the organization.

While the benefits of data alignment and augmentation are clearly established, B2B organizations continue to struggle with their databases. Research from the Demand Gen Report 2017 Demand Generation Benchmark Survey shows that close to half (49%) of B2B companies said that improving the depth and accuracy of their data is a priority for them in 2017.

Also, Demand Gen Report’s inaugural Marketing Measurement & Attribution Survey Report shows that 42% of marketers said their database makes performance measurement more challenging.

Download this special report and take a deep dive into how B2B organizations such as ATI and Call Box are automating the data onboarding, normalization, and enrichment process in their databases to fuel marketing and sales initiatives throughout the customer journey.

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