The 2018 State Of Database Quality

B2B Organizations Look To Improve Database Efforts With Real-Time, Audience-Focused Solutions

B2B buyers expect relevant, contextual and timely experiences during the purchase process that are only obtainable with the right data at the vendor’s disposal. However, B2B companies continue to look for ways to overcome the hurdles their database creates when trying to personalize the buying experience and build audience-focused campaigns.

Research from Demand Gen Report‘s 2018 Database Strategies & Contact Acquisition Survey shows that more than half (51%) of B2B companies said they have a data acquisition strategy, but there’s room for significant improvement. One-third of respondents said their data acquisition strategy has room for minor improvement, while only 13% said their strategy is solid. The main challenges they face include old/outdated data (83%), lack of time and resources (71%) and lack of data on current customers (64%).

The study also showed that companies have some lofty goals to achieve:

  • 65% said they were looking to target specific segments for better engagement;
  • 51% said they wanted to identify key stakeholders within target accounts;
  • 44% said they wanted to collect prospective buyer behavior to boost engagement and messaging; and
  • 43% said they were looking to reach their total addressable market (TAM) in defined sectors.

To accomplish these goals, progressive B2B companies are focusing on understanding the right data they need to engage stakeholders in a relevant manner, while also formulating the right processes for their business to keep their data up to date and provide timely insights.

This special report will share trends, best practices and industry research detailing how B2B organizations should tackle the problems thriving in their databases, including:

  • Key data points that companies should collect to offer relevant, audience-centric buying experiences;
  • The foundational processes required to keep data at the highest quality with minimal resources;
  • Where third-party data providers come into play and how they can further help alleviate data accuracy problems; and
  • How progressive B2B companies such as RingCentral have gotten their database strategy right.

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