The 2019 B2B Buyers Survey Report

Research Shows Buying Committees Engaging And Rewarding Agility And Relevance Of Potential Solution Providers

Over the course of eight years, Demand Gen Report’s annual B2B Buyers Survey has spotlighted the ever-changing needs and expectations of the different stakeholders in complex purchasing decisions. This year is no different, with the annual survey data showing that buyers are engaging earlier with sales and conducting many of the key steps in their path to purchase to support a more agile approach to selecting new solutions.

The study, which surveyed more than 250 senior-level B2B executives, found that 83% often accelerate or put purchase decisions on hold based changing business needs and/or priorities. Of that number, 39% said that they “strongly agree” with that statement. While the survey ultimately supported that B2B buying cycles are still lengthy and involve several stakeholders, the increasing focus on agility in the process underscores the reality that buying journeys are not a linear, predictable funnel.

This report will provide a deeper look into B2B buyer needs, priorities and expectations, including:

  • How buyer expectations for quicker engagement impact the sales funnel;
  • The importance of first-contact channels, such as websites and advertising in the B2B purchase cycle;
  • How a stronger necessity for ROI analysis requires vendors to have a steady stream of reliable resources to fuel buying decisions; and
  • How knowledgeable sales reps are helping further educate and accelerate purchase decisions.

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