The 2023 C-Suite Go-To-Market Benchmark Survey: Prioritizing Efficiency By Using Technology & Data To Do More With Less

In an unpredictable world, B2B practitioners are latching on to any semblance of predictability — and that translates to a renewed focus on efficiency. During times of economic turmoil, organizations are refining the ways they go-to-market (GTM) — and making matters worse is that previously successful processes don’t quite cut it in the modern marketing landscape.

In the 2023 edition of the “C-Suite Go-To-Market Benchmark Survey,” respondents revealed that they’re taking a broader view of their campaigns and strategies, as well as redefining their GTM strategies. Throughout this survey report, we’ll analyze the current state of GTM operations and delve into how GTM practices have grown year-over-year. Split through the lens of sales versus marketing and leaders versus laggards, this report will touch on:

  • Where practitioners are prioritizing their growth efforts throughout the year, as well as what’s driving that growth;
  • How successful companies are aligning internal teams to maximize efficiency and resources;
  • The key data sources practitioners are relying on and the increasing importance of leveraging third-party providers; and
  • An analysis of the evolution of self-service buyer motions throughout GTM journeys.

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