The B2B Millennial Buyer Survey Report

As businesses look to better their efforts to meet Millennial buying preferences and target their priorities, they must also help them overcome additional hurdles in the purchase process. This includes removing friction and complexity from the buying journey to speed up the process, as well as gaining trust from their superiors and colleagues.

This report will share findings from our survey data, while also providing tips and best practices for incorporating it all into future marketing and sales efforts. Topics of discussion include:

  • Millennial buyers’ shifting content preferences towards peer-to-peer recommendations and “people-like-me” use cases;
  • Millennial challenges and the need to adopt a buyer enablement mentality to overcome them;
  • The importance of tailored, streamlined digital experiences in the Millennial buying journey;
  • The growing emphasis of social media, messaging apps and more; and
  • Millennial expectations for self-service/E-commerce buying options.

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