The Marketer’s Guide To Interactive Content Success

Interactive content is powerful — it’s eye-catching, engaging and, let’s be honest, looks infinitely cooler than some flat PDF. It’s also preferred by nearly everyone over traditional static content, including 91% of B2B buyers. That’s right: Nine out of 10 B2B buyers prefer interactive.

Yet, with endless options for content creation and optimization, organizations often struggle to identify what works best. How can they better understand what works (and what doesn’t) without enduring a long, expensive series of trial and error?

This guide cuts to the chase and walks you through the fundamentals of interactive content creation. From design to analysis, its goal is to shed light on the process and help bridge the gap between marketers who know interactive content is important and those who are delivering content that way. Specifically, this guide will discuss:

  • How interactive content positively impacts marketers’ bottom lines;
  • The most effective ways to customize content;
  • How to best analyze engagement; and
  • What to look for when selecting a successful interactive content platform.

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