The Marketer’s Roadmap To Mature Omnichannel Account-Based Experiences

Responsive buyer experiences and relevant content across channels have always been the top criteria for mature, high performing, omnichannel account-based orchestrations. But much of today’s conversation revolves around linear, top-down campaigns, where the target account is placed in a marketing or sales play, operating within a siloed platform throughout the buyer’s journey. The result is often antithetical to the desired buyer “experience.”

This whitepaper examines how marketers can break through the conjecture that account-based experiences can exist within a platform that enables linear, top-down campaigns. So-called ABX will never unlock high-performing

account-based orchestrations until they can personalize and contextualize multichannel engagement at scale, across platforms and across teams.

Download this report to get tips and real-world insights on:

  • The adverse outcomes that undermine the very experience ABX is intended to improve;
  • The fundamental role of data management and the importance of accurate insights;
  • How to create multichannel orchestrations that operate at each account’s pace;
  • The capabilities enterprise marketers should prioritize to achieve the greatest revenue impact for ABM; and
  • Much more!

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