The Operations & Processes Survey Report

All too often, a stellar marketing team finds itself handicapped by an inefficient tech stack. Without the right platforms in place, B2B teams must wade through dirty data and siloed processes — turning their quest to identify, engage, and convert prospective buyers into an arduous, time-consuming task.

It’s not surprising, then, that 52% of people who responded to the Operations & Processes Survey Report said the top challenges keeping them up at night are lack of confidence in data, increasing pressure to maintain high data quality without better tools or processes and an inability to measure attribution due to incomplete visibility into marketing and sales activities.

It’s clear that there’s a large disparity between where most B2B teams find themselves today and their potential. Organizations looking to improve data quality, streamline operations, and ramp up revenue in the new year must turn their focus away from siloed sales and marketing tools and instead embrace a unified RevOps platform that cuts across all revenuegenerating processes and can connect insights throughout all aspects of the buyer’s journey.

This survey report analyzes common shortcomings among the marketing processes and operations of today’s B2B teams. Topics covered include:

  • Major obstacles that marketers encounter during lead routing and scoring;
  • Gaps in account-based marketing strategies and the root causes behind them;
  • Common database missteps and the importance of maintaining good data hygiene; and
  • How a RevOps platform can improve marketing processes, drive cross-department alignment, and ultimately boost revenue.

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