The State Of AI-Fueled Sales Enablement

It is a prime time in the B2B ecosystem for digital transformation. This is especially true for B2B sellers who struggle with manual and tedious tasks and spend their working hours on researching prospects and customers, customizing assets in advance of prospect meetings and ongoing training/learning about prospects’ products and new releases.

But with innovations in sales enablement technology and the application of new data and intelligence, B2B businesses are positioned to align across organizations for better collaboration and productivity and streamlining processes around delivering customized experiences today’s modern B2B buyers expects.

This special report will cover new trends, tools, tactics and strategies B2B companies are using to better enable sales reps to have relevant and contextual conversations with prospective customers. It will shed light on:

  • How companies are formulating processes and workflows to better enable sales teams to sell;
  • How tools are fueling reps with better insights to have meaningful conversations with prospects;
  • Strategies to better personalize sales content to meet buyer needs and pain points; and
  • How companies such as SAP are putting processes and technology in place tobetter enable their sales teams.

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