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Channel Marketing Isn’t Just For The Enterprise

An Online Panel Discussion Highlighting How Companies Large And Small Are Positioning Their Partner Networks As An Extension Of Their Sales & Marketing

Partner programs and networks may seem like an opportunity which smaller companies may not be able to leverage; however, partner networks enable cash-conscious SMB and mid-market companies to expand sales efforts with a limited sales and support staff.

During this webinar panel, participants from Concerto Cloud Services, BackOffice Associates, and Allbound share in-depth use cases proving that B2B companies can leverage partner networks to maximize the opportunities created by marketing and sales—no matter the size.

Other discussion topics will include:

  • The common misconceptions, and the actualities, of leveraging a partner network;
  • What needs to be in place to effectively leverage partner networks;
  • A step-by-step guide to setting up your business and partner network for success;
  • The do's and don'ts of choosing partners; and
  • Other added benefits to using a partner networks, such as customer support and expanded markets.

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Barton Stephanie Barton
Concerto Cloud Services

MeridethRachelle Meredith
BackOffice Associates

SpencerJen Spencer

AndersonBrian Anderson
Demand Gen Report