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How To Plan, Build & Scale Your ABM Strategy In Record Time

Stefanie Neer started at Drift to lead all things ABM back in May. While it’s only been a couple of months for a seasoned ABM leader like Stefanie, it’s been plenty of time to dream up a polished ABM roadmap for the second half of the year. Plus, by working closely with Ottavio Dattolo and Drift’s Demand Gen team, she’s found a way to execute ABM campaigns effectively, cross-functionally and at scale.

Now the two are ready to share everything they’ve learned over the past couple of months working together with you! They cover:

  • Tips for launching (or re-launching) your own ABM program;
  • Ways to get sales buy-in and participation from the get-go; and
  • How to execute your strategy in a way that scales.

Stefanie Neer
Stefanie Neer
Senior Manager, Enterprise and ABM

Ottavio Dattolo Ottavio Dattolo
Senior Revenue Marketing Manager

Kelly Lindenau Kelly Lindenau
Managing Editor
Demand Gen Report

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