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The Rise Of The Content Scientist

An Inside Look At How Leading Marketers Are Using Data & Analytics To Deliver The Right Message At The Right Time To The Right Audience

Marketers today must keep pace with the expectations of prospects and customers who are increasingly engaging with them across multiple channels, such as social and mobile.Marketers also need to be sure the content they serve is relevant and compelling and will encourage response.

This webinar will reveal an inside look at how best-in-class marketers are able to align content to each step within the buyer's journey. You'll see how their scientific approach can pay far better dividends.

You will also learn through these use-case examples the value of:

  • Using content marketing for lead generation and customer acquisition
  • Using content marketing to engage with and retain current customers
  • Serving personalized, dynamic content to customers
  • Tracking interactions across multiple channels
  • Combining analytics and content marketing for optimal results

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AberdeenSpeaker Jessie Coan
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