What’s Working In B2B Advertising? Practitioners Increasing Engagement Through Interactivity & Platform Diversification

In the era of self-service buying journeys, B2B advertising is simultaneously a marketer’s best friend and worst enemy. While serving up an advertisement is a surefire way to promote brand engagement, irrelevant, ‘spammy’ ad campaigns will have prospects clicking in the other direction. The experts explained that the top three components practitioners must consider when creating engaging ads are content, video and paid search advertising.

It’s clear that advertising is a necessary component of B2B marketing, as 71% of buyers noticed ads and, of that percentage, more than a third (38%) indicated that the advertisements positively influenced their view of the brand. But marketers are contending with an uncertain future, specifically in the face of budget cuts and the long-awaited depreciation of cookies. As organizations rethink traditional advertising techniques and shift their resources toward digital advertising, this report will discuss the new B2B landscape with a focus on:

  • How marketers are pursuing cross-channel diversification;
  • Consumers’ changing preferences for advertising content, such as videos, influencer content, interactivity and more;
  • How organizations are prioritizing inbound strategies to increase brand awareness by focusing on individual experiences tailored to consumers and increasing brand awareness; and
  • The importance of connecting and matching first-party data and intent data to inform personalized advertising experiences.


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