What’s Working In Conversational Marketing: Using The Power Of AI & Virtual Selling Assistants To Create Seamless Buying Experiences, Strengthen ABM Campaigns

In 2021, B2B buyers are taking more control over their buying journeys, demanding brands do more to allow for fully operational, self-service journeys. To fully realize this, B2B marketers are turning to conversational marketing to deliver highly relevant conversations that provide buyers with meaningful assistance and the resources for independent decision-making.

Advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) have ushered in a new wave of conversational marketing initiatives, helping brands engage prospects in multiple channels for seamless customer experiences and generate more pipeline. Marketers have also used conversational marketing tools to gather valuable data for lead generation and future personalized conversations.

This report will delve into the resurgence of conversational marketing as an engagement strategy, exploring:

  • How AI-powered conversation tools are guiding buyers through their journeys and providing them with relevant content;
  • How marketers are using the strategy to identify and qualify new leads for future targeting and engagement;
  • The transformation of future buyer’s journeys through the collection and analysis of intent data and other data sets; and
  • The impact of conversational marketing on ABM campaigns and personalization efforts.

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