What’s Working In Database Strategies: Orgs Rely On Data To Segment Audiences For Increased Relevance & Multichannel Targeting

While the following report will uncover what’s working in database strategies, what’s not working is outdated data and a lack of unification and analysis. With two-thirds (66%) of B2B marketers indicating their current database strategies need minor to significant improvement, organizations are well aware they need to create more advanced targeting strategies and better personalize content. To achieve those goals, marketers are relying on a strong data foundation to guide their campaigns.

However, 70% of marketers said their database contact information is old and outdated, with 64% indicating they don’t have the time or resources needed to properly maintain their databases. With those difficulties in mind, many organizations are turning to a “blended” approach that includes working alongside third-party data providers to manage and scale in-house data.

Throughout this report, we’ll examine the best practices marketing teams are using to target new buyers, segment their audiences and ensure their databases remain clean and up to date. Specific topics of discussion include:

  • Why targeting certain segments of an audience for better engagement is a top priority for marketers;
  • The top fields marketers rely on to generate data and the unique ways they’re capturing that information;
  • The new channels marketers are using to diversify their data with outside sources, such as online advertising and social media; and
  • The role third-party data providers play in helping marketers break down data siloes, enrich buyer insights and ensure contact databases remain clean.


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