What’s Working In Digital Experiences? Leveraging Technology & AI To Craft Personalized, Evocative Touchpoints

The best way to connect with buyers and prospects is to meet them where they are: And in 2023, that means online. In a world that’s growing more digitized by the day — Gartner
research found that 80% of B2B sales interactions will occur in digital channels by 2025 —practitioners need to evolve their online marketing strategies to keep up with buyers’ needs,
preferences and expectations.

This special report will delve into the digital experiences preferred by B2B buyers, shedding light on the role of AI and the power of content. Backed by expert insights, specific topics of
discussion will include:

  • The tools and technologies businesses need to curate highly personalized experiences for prospects;
  • The increasing importance social media and other customer-facing collateral are playing in shaping digital experiences;
  • The best strategies for training chatbots to provide real-time, human-like customer support for customers;
  • The growing role of AI and machine learning to automate tasks and create engaging content; and
  • The increased importance on data-driven insights to better understand buyers and their needs.


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