What’s Working In Paid/Earned Media In 2022: The Significance Of Social Media, Consumer-Generated Content & Convergence

B2B marketers are focusing on a way to utilize both earned and paid media to develop a well-rounded marketing strategy. The goal of earned media is to gain third-party validation from media outlets to ultimately help increase awareness of your company and enhance its credibility while paid media comes with a price tag. Due to ever-shifting consumer demands, marketing strategies for B2B companies are constantly evolving.

According to Gartner, 72% of the marketing budget is now going to purely digital channels including owned, paid and earned digital media. These are the five B2B marketing trends that will drive 2022:

  • Marketing budget spending is shifting;
  • CMO priorities are changing;
  • Adoption of B2B marketing channels is growing;
  • Metrics and analysis are reshaping; and
  • Content marketing is advancing.

In this special report, we will dive deeper into new benchmark research and provide insights and perspectives on emerging trends in paid and earned media. The report will spotlight data and analysis of:

  • Shifts in spending patterns between paid and earned media;
  • The growing imperative for digital channels;
  • The top trends shaping the future of paid and earned media; and
  • Why change is the only constant in B2B marketing.


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