What’s Working In Personalization: Marketers Double Down On Customer Data, Digital Channels & Personalized Content To Improve Account Engagement & Conversions

With the impact of Covid-19 and the rapid digitalization of B2B, the need for personalized interactions with buyers has dramatically increased in 2020. According to Demand Gen Report’s 2020 Buyer Behavior Study, 76% of buyers are expecting more personalized attention from marketers and salespeople because they want to develop an intimate relationship with the people/brand marketing to them.

Some marketers have struggled to grab and hold the attention of their target audiences in a noisy digital world and they’re turning to personalization tactics to improve response rates, conversions, content creation and account engagement in 2021 and beyond.

This report will highlight some of the best practices and real-world examples of successful personalization tactics in the B2B industry, exploring topics such as:

  • The top channels for delivering personalized experiences;
  • How customer data impacts the way marketers personalize their campaigns;
  • The benefits of personalized video for ABM strategies; and
  • The best content formats to deliver impactful experiences for buyers.

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