What’s Working In Personalization: Marketers Turn To ABM Strategies, AI To Create Binge-Worthy, Custom Content

The great irony of personalization is that once a tactic becomes widespread, the novelty of the experience — and by extension, its impact on potential buyers — wears off. After all, it wasn’t too long ago that first name email personalization was all the rage, but that won’t wow buyers today.

According to Demand Gen Report’s2023 Content Preferences Survey Report,” 42% of buyers said they were more likely to engage with a sales rep if the content is personalized or tailored to their specific needs. But the survey findings reveal a sizable gap between buyer preferences and the content experiences that marketing teams are currently delivering. This report will explore what’s working in personalization today, including best practices and expert insights into crafting customized, engaging content for each stage of the buyer’s journey. Topics covered include:

  • The value of creating binge-able content hubs with dynamic recommendations;
  • How account-based marketing (ABM) can not only improve content strategies, but also better equip sales teams for personalized outreach; and
  • The role of AI in executing personalization at scale.

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