What’s Working In Revenue Operations: Successful RevOps Teams Treat Every Lead Like Gold To Enhance The Customer Experience

The disruption of COVID-19 has slowed a lot of pipelines and frozen deals for many B2B organizations. As a result of this, revenue teams are focusing more on their customer base and maximizing the efficiency of their pipelines. Both of these developments have made revenue operations a bigger priority. And the companies that have already taken the steps to integrate their operations functions, data and tools, are already seeing significant results.

Revenue operations allows organizations to focus on customers in a proactive, not areactive way. Jeff Pedowitz, CEO of The Pedowitz Group, had a succinct way of putting it: “If you rethink how those groups — sales operations, marketing operations and customers success teams — can come together to drive more synergies and be more customer-focused and strategic, you can actually start to be more proactive instead of reactive. So instead of running the organization from an efficiency standpoint, you’d be running it from an ROI perspective.”

Download this report to learn more about the current state of revenue operations, including what’s working for RevOps teams, the challenges they’re facing and why very single lead should be treated like gold in our “new normal.”

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