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The Total Marketing Impact of Employee Email

Whether it's social media, pay-per-click advertising, email, chatbots or trade shows, today's marketing professionals have more tactics at their disposal than ever before to achieve organizational goals. But among the dizzying array of options, sometimes the simplest and most effective marketing opportunities are hiding in plain sight.

In 2017, Kforce recognized that employee email represented an untapped marketing opportunity. Since the company first implemented email signature marketing two years ago, employee email has become a significant advertising and marketing channel for Kforce. The company uses employee email to achieve four main marketing goals: recruiting job applicants, attracting prospective clients, branding Kforce as an industry leader and publicizing the company's philanthropic activities.

Read on to discover:

  • How Kforce turned their high volume of employee email into a brand new marketing channel, all while solving a brand consistency pain point;
  • How they're using this channel for recruitment, brand awareness, content and even philanthropy; and
  • The total marketing impact Kforce has achieved with this new recruitment and advertising channel.

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