Why ABM Is A Must During A Down Economy

Why ABM Is A Must During A Down Economy

As marketing teams prepare for an economic downturn, one approach is standing out for its ability to deliver high-impact results with speed: Account-based marketing. With an account-based approach, teams can focus their spend and target specific accounts with the highest fit, intent and engagement to help drive revenue fast. ABM is not only effective for generating net-new business, but it’s also an incredibly powerful tool for helping teams achieve post-sale objectives. Join Kelly Hogan, Sr. Revenue Marketing Manager at RollWorks, in this masterclass to learn how to use ABM to scale growth across every stage of the buyer’s journey. You’ll walk away knowing:

  • How to make the most of your marketing budget and what to prioritize;
  • How to increase prospect and customer engagement;
  • Key strategies to continue generating revenue during a down economy; and
  • ABM hacks to support your new business and post-sale goals.

Kelly Hogan Kelly Hogan
Senior Revenue Marketing Manager

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