Allocadia Launches Marketing Performance Dashboards

Published: January 30, 2017

Allocadia’s Marketing Performance Management (MPM) dashboards are designed to help marketers better understand where to invest their budget.


The company states that its MPM dashboards enable marketers and finance leaders to answer business questions such as:

  • Are the field marketing plans and budgets aligned with corporate goals?
  • Are we investing sufficiently in the right mix of programs and activities to achieve our stated business objectives?
  • What impact are my activities having on revenue, based on a range of attribution models?

The dashboards also intend to help companies make the most of their investments. They include:

  1. Investment Planning, which highlights how plans are taking shape by campaign, product and activity type, as well as how close the organization is to meeting its investment targets.
  2. Pipeline Planning, which shows how plans align to pre-determined pipeline targets, and where adjustments need to be made.
  3. Investment Tracking, which reveals how forecast, committed and actual spend is occurring in these areas.
  4. Pipeline Tracking, which reveals results of marketing activities brought in from CRM solutions.
  5. Tactical ROI, a first-, last-, and multi-touch attribution model view of marketing activities that connects investment data from Allocadia with campaign performance data from Salesforce CRM.


The solution is sold to marketing leadership at large, global organizations.

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Allocadia integrates with most CRM, ERP and marketing automation platforms.


Allocadia’s SaaS solution is available within one of three packages: invest, align and optimize.


Current clients include Microsoft, Juniper Networks, CA Technologies and Pitney Bowes. Allocadia’s Marketing Performance Management solution has more than 10,000 users at 150+ companies who have managed over $20B in marketing spend.


With Allocadia Cloud Exchange, Allocadia offers an MPM system to connect marketing investment data directly to over 33 systems.


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