Awareness, Inc. Adds Prospect Scoring To Social Media Marketing Suite

Published: August 7, 2012

“Smart social marketers have moved beyond listening and engaging, and are demanding a way to identify more qualified leads, prospects and influencers to drive sales,” said Brian Zanghi, CEO of Awareness, Inc.

According to Zanghi, the new features in the Social Marketing Automation Suite give marketers “the ability to identify likely customers on the social web, stack-rank them based on their own set of business rules, and engage and market to them.”

“Mining through millions of data points across all social networks is next to impossible for existing marketing automation and CRM providers,” added Dave Carter, CTO and Founder of Awareness, Inc. “Our new Social Marketing Automation Suite bridges the gap for these marketing applications.”

According to a company news release, the suite includes functionality for social prospecting, automated collection of social profiles, and social scoring. Marketers can apply customized scoring rules to identify prospects for their nurturing activities or to identify influencers.

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