CAKE Performance Marketing Software

Published: September 1, 2015

CAKE is a marketing platform designed to provide multichannel measurement for digital marketing campaigns and deliver insight into marketing efforts.


The solution provide a single-dashboard view of the performance of affiliate marketing programs. The platform also positions users to manage payout formats, measure metrics and leads in real time, control targeted campaigns and help prevent fraud.

Additional features include:

  • E-commerce management;
  • Location targeting; and
  • Custom targeting.


CAKE is compatible with Marketo, Google, Bing, Invoca and Dialogtech.

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Competitive Positioning

CAKE tracks and responds in real-time to position marketers with business insights to make more educated decisions regarding their campaigns and gain clarity on their data. The platform can also analyze data to help minimize risk and optimize marketing spend.

The solution intends to properly attribute affiliate payouts, increase online sales and enhance lead-generation efforts.

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New York, NY 10016

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