ClearSlide Debuts Gmail Plug-In

Published: May 16, 2016

1clearslideClearSlide for Gmail is a Chrome app that puts the core functionality of ClearSlide’s service within Gmail. The solution aims to help salespeople engage with customers and prospects directly from their inbox — intending to improve salesperson productivity, help sales leaders forecast more accurately and makes sales content and campaigns more effective.


With ClearSlide for Gmail, sellers are able to access contacts and opportunities from Salesforce and Dynamics, and have customer-ready content at their fingertips. Sellers receive notifications when emails are opened and content is engaged with, providing insight into which clients are responding and where they are showing interest, empowering sellers to prioritize their time.

Salespeople also are able to follow up with prospects by launching meetings right from Gmail. Marketing can create approved email templates — tailored by selling stage — that can be accessed directly from Gmail, reducing the time sellers waste searching for the right content.


ClearSlide for Gmail is targeted towards all salespeople, sales leaders and marketers across all verticals and segments.

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ClearSlide for Gmail aims to improve the quality of CRM data and seller productivity by automatically logging all outbound emails, prospect views and content engagement directly back to Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. Its dashboards provide sales and marketing reps with the analytics to improve performance and business results. 


ClearSlide subscriptions range from $35-$125 per month, per user, depending on the capabilities needed. ClearSlide for Gmail is available for all ClearSlide subscribers at no additional cost.


ClearSlide for Gmail is used by hundreds of organizations across industries, including Lamar Advertising, MongoDB and Cision.


ClearSlide for Gmail is the most comprehensive tool to immediately increase salesperson productivity. ClearSlide provides instant access to approved content and templates within Gmail, as well as insight into customer engagement, and it auto-logs activity into Salesforce and Dynamics.


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