Content Guardian AI Content Detection Platform Seeks To Identify AI-Generated Content

Published: May 15, 2024

Content Guardian helps provide AI content detection through its multi-checker platform, which combines leading AI content detectors to offer confidence scoring and analysis to identify AI-generated text.

The Lowdown On Content Guardian

Content Guardian is reportedly the first AI content detection platform with eight built-in content checkers to detect AI-generated content.

Content Guardian’s Back-Of-The-Box Details

Key features include:

  • Integrations with eight AI content detectors;
  • Aggregated confidence scoring;
  • Native WordPress integration for seamless workflow;
  • Sentence highlighter for sentence-level checking;
  • Web app for flexible content checking; and
  • Checker analytics and history.

What Content Guardian Solves

According to the company, Content Guardian’s launch comes at a critical time, as AI-generated content creates new challenges for publishers, content marketers and businesses. It’s been projected that by 2025, 90% of the content available on the internet will be produced leveraging generative AI. Systems like OpenAI’s ChatGPT have demonstrated the ability to produce remarkably human-like text on demand, making it increasingly difficult to detect if content is human or AI-written, exposing businesses to reputational and plagiarism risks.

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This trend has spilled into search engine optimization, prompting Google’s March 2024 core update to reduce non-original content in Google Search Results by 40%.

What Makes Content Guardian Special

Content Guardian compares content against multiple top AI content detection systems. Going beyond any single detection tool, it is allegedly the only platform that combines results from eight different AI detectors, providing an aggregated confidence score so users can determine if the content appears to be human or AI-written. Additionally, research has indicated that single content detection tools, when used independently, exhibit inconsistencies and false positives for detecting AI-generated content.


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