Hearsay Social’s Predictive Social Solution

Published: July 8, 2015

Hearsay social placeitHearsay Social is a social media marketing management platform designed to help users engage with targeted social audiences.


The solution positions B2B marketers to manage their social media outreach and web presence from a consolidated dashboard.

Users of the solution can:

  • Receive recommended content to share though their social channels that is relevant to high-value prospects;
  • Schedule content and marketing campaigns to be posted throughout the week; and
  • Monitor posts and activity across Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ in real time.


Hearsay Social is compatible with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Google +.

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Competitive Positioning

Hearsay makes it easier for marketers to communicate and engage with prospects. The platform provides tools and analytics to drive relevant conversations to boost buyers’ brand experiences.

Contact Information

Hearsay Social
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