Integrate’s Media Arm, Pipeline360, Offers Content Syndication, Account Intelligence & Digital Advertising Solutions

Published: February 2, 2024

Integrate offers a cross-channel demand management SaaS platform for enterprise B2B demand and marketing operations teams. Integrate is designed to accelerate speed-to-business value through powerful integrations, deliver 100% marketable and compliant leads with trusted governance, provide AI-powered insights to enhance and expedite smart decision-making.

Integrate works with organizations like Salesforce, Microsoft, Akamai and Pluralsight to power its B2B marketing strategies.

The Lowdown

Pipeline360 is Integrate’s media arm that offers an all-in-one integrated media solution for content syndication, account intelligence enhancement and digital advertising.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

Pipeline360 seeks to enable a strategic, holistic demand generation approach tailored for the reality of today’s B2B purchasing process. Powered by Integrate, Pipeline360 combines targeted display, content syndication and a comprehensive marketplace model to help ensure that marketers achieve 100% compliant and marketable leads by:

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  • Effectively engaging with audiences much earlier in the buying cycle;
  • Connecting with buyers at every stage of the process; and
  • Optimizing programs to drive performance.

Who It’s For

Demand generation teams and B2B marketing teams seeking to drive predictable, compliant pipeline.

What It Solves

Pipeline360 helps marketers:

  1. Acquire high-quality leads at scale;
  2. Ensure all leads adhere to local and global data privacy laws and guidelines through data governance;
  3. Optimize program performance via analytics; and
  4. Drive outcomes that demonstrably drive pipeline.

What Makes It Special

Pipeline360 brings content syndication management and campaign management — including display advertising, lead validation and standardization — under one roof with links to CRM and marketing automation data.



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