Kwanzoo Smart Banners Streamline A/B Testing

Published: March 27, 2012

Kwanzoo last week announced the availability of Smart Banners, the company’s new platform for performing real-time A/B split testing for banner ad campaigns. The solution is designed for interactive marketers who want to create, test, and modify banner ad creative units on a self-service basis.

 Kwabzoo is a provider of SaaS- based marketing tools designed to optimize a company’s demand generation funnel, including the ability for marketers to deploy multi-channel interactive campaigns that extend across email, web, social media, display and mobile.

According to a company news release, Smart Banners will allow enterprise marketers to test banner ad creative units, review performance analytics and make immediate campaign modifications based on real-time feedback. Split A/B testing is especially useful for comparing new or experimental banners against a current baseline; marketers can use the results to deploy successful new campaigns or disable underperforming banners.

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“Many marketers don’t have the tools or resources to measure and optimize their display ads,” stated Kwanzoo CEO Mani Iyer, in the release. “Smart Banners provide marketers the flexibility of making their own media buys and to quickly deploy and optimize traditional banner ad campaigns with A/B split testing capability.”

Smart Banners uses a web-based interface for marketers to set up banner ads for testing, with ad tags or embed codes used for tracking and analytics. It can be placed directly onto a marketer’s company-owned media — including web site display ads, social media, affiliate sites and mobile landing pages — or sent to an ad network or media buyer for placement.

The solution supports four standard banner ad sizes. According to the company, Smart Banners have been pre-approved for use on Google Admob and other major networks.

Kwanzoo also supports all major email service providers, as well as major marketing automation platforms from, Eloqua, Marketo and ConstantContact.

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