LeadsRx, Triton Digital Integration Aims To Enhance Podcast Ad Campaign Attribution

Published: June 21, 2021

The LeadsRx Attribution Platform recently integrated with Triton Digital‘s Omny Studio platform and Tap Advertising server to help its shared userbases measure podcast advertising data for enhanced account attribution and improved ad campaign orchestration.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

The integration enables users to measure podcast advertising data in various channels using LeadsRx’s marketing analytics and attribution technology, providing users a way to gauge their ad campaign’s impact on podcast listeners. Users can identify click rates and play-through time on ads and attribute them to specific accounts, helping them to find accounts showing buying intent for effective campaign targeting.

Users can also leverage Triton Digital’s Tap Advertising server to measure ad effectiveness, allowing users to determine the best times for placing ads, the most effective ad types and which channels will have the most impact on target accounts.

Who It’s For

The integration is designed for broadcast, publishing, brands, marketing and advertising agency professionals using Triton Digital’s Omny Studio podcast platform and Tap Advertising Server.

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What Makes It Special

The integration combines LeadsRx’s multi-touch attribution technology and Triton Digital’s podcast and advertisement platforms to help users gain a holistic view of ad impact and attribute ad data to specific accounts.



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